Golden Qi® – Empower Your Space & Self
Dipl.-Ing. Mariana Weber
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A geomantic land healing serves the well-being of humans, animals and plants. Geomancy originally means ‘divination by the earth’ and is based on ancient shamanic and tribal knowledge.
With land or earth healing, negative energy states are eliminated and the harmony of a place, its buildings and premises, is created.
Golden QI® – the tangible result: The site takes on a new radiance and attraction. It provides optimal growth conditions for personal or business ventures. In an energetically harmonized environment one can indeed develop their best potential

Benefit of a Golden Qi® land healing

  • High comfort factor in sleeping, living and work spaces and the open surrounding spaces

  • Higher attractiveness for employees, customers and guests

  • Greater harmony, less conflicts between colleagues

  • Positive economic development for companies and organisations

  • Improved flow of construction and other projects

  • Favourable influence upon personal development

  • Visible increase of plant growth & quality

  • Harmonious conditions for animal care

  • Positive basis and support for visions and perspectives

  • Restoration of natural sleep patterns

As with a computer, its memory is full of old data and program fragments, which means that applications and processes are slowed down and blocked. With a land healing the hard disk of the property, so to speak, is re-initialised.
Beneath the outer shape and design of rooms there lay several energy layers, some with strong turbulence and tensions. These are caused by historical events and uses, as well as geological phenomena deep in the earth, such as water veins & rock faults.
Intensive human experiences from the past are stored in the morphological energy field, as well as in the silica particles of the soil and the building material on site. Particularly painful and traumatic experience leaves a strong energy footprint. Along with the geological phenomena, they have an effect on the energy field in the building and in the surrounding area.
Dipl-Ing. Mariana Weber frees these tensions and blockages with geomantic techniques and shamanic rituals. The energy level, which has much more influence on the feel-good factor of a place than the architectural design, gets increased and creates a solid foundation for favourable developments, attractions and happiness.