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Dipl.-Ing. Mariana Weber
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Dipl-Ing. Mariana Weber specialised with Golden Qi® on the revitalisation of locations. A geomantic land healing can eliminate energetic interferences. In addition with Taoist Feng Shui a flow of energy can be generated to positively influence business and personal growth. Before every land healing, an evaluation of the property is performed. Therefore, you can avoid wrong decisions in advance of a purchase, a renting or when building new facilities.

Due to historical events, drastic life experiences and geological phenomena, places are more or less burdened. Where negative tensions prevail, little life energy flows. In such places one loses power.

A geomantic land healing connects to the soul of a place, bringing back the healing life force for humans, animals and plants.

For Whom

Basically each site will be affected profitably by a geomantic earth healing combined with Feng Shui. You may only notice the difference if you have previously experienced a different quality on site. An optimisation is always possible.
With a geomantic earth healing you directly invest in your quality of life and create a sustainable basis for the blossoming of your endeavors.

Golden Qi® for:

  • Houses, apartments, gardens and grounds

  • Event / business premises and offices

  • Hotels and restaurants

  • Hospitals, medical practices and spa facilities

  • Vineyards or other agricultural land

  • Stud farms and stables

  • Golf courses and other sports facilities

  • Before and during renovation of construction projects

  • Conversion of historic places

My customers are often in turmoil when they book a land healing. But Geomancy is not only a solution for problematic locations, where there is for example a rental problem. Even in advance of construction plans, the application of an earth healing is recommended to support smooth processes at the construction site and favour interoffice relations.