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Dipl.-Ing. Mariana Weber
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Feng Shui fountains

Water plays a central role in feng shui. It represents abundance and the source of life. The element of water in form of a fountain attracts and creates Qi – the vital energy. Indoor fountains have a positive effect on the room climate and the sound of flowing and bubbling water is relaxing and stimulating.

The fountains I create are hand made from clay and each one is an unique piece. The way I build them is a process that requires several weeks. Due to my shamanic way that flows into the process of forming them, the fountains become powerful energetic pieces that enrich the rooms.

My knowledge about the criteria of a feng shui fountain and it’s functionality and practicality, create the high quality of my Golden Qi® fountains. As spiritual companions for your everyday life they contribute to a lively and vital environment. Please contact me to check on my recent fountains.